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ist eine gemeinnützige Organisation, die über die negativen Folgen des Einsatzes von Pestiziden informiert und sich für umweltschonende, sozial gerechte Alternativen einsetzt. Wir sind Teil des internationalen Pesticide Action Network (PAN).


Preserve critically important #antimicrobials for humans. Vote on 13.7. in #ENVI for the objection of #MartinHaeusling, against too lax provisions for the use of antimicrobials in #AnimalHusbandry!
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Wichtigste #Antibiotika für Menschen bewahren – es liegt in Ihrer Hand! Stimmen Sie am 13.7. im #ENVI für den Einspruch von #MartinHaeusling gegen zu lasche Regeln für den Antibiotikaeinsatz in der #Tierhaltung.
@PeterLiese @HildeBentele

Thank you Belgium Minister @KhattabiZakia for speaking out against production and export of banned highly hazardous chemicals! Thanks for speaking out against double standards and for phasing-out #HHPs at day one of #BerlinForumChemicals


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Revealed: EU Glyphosate assessment was based on flawed science

[3. July 2021] A new scientific analysis (1) concludes that the European Food Safety Authority’s (EFSA) claim that glyphosate is not genotoxic cannot be justified on the basis of manufacturers …
3. Juli 2021 · Rubrik: Glyphosat

Invitation: Online launch event and discussion of a new study

Double Standards and Hazardous Pesticides from Bayer and BASF A glimpse behind the scenes of the international trade in pesticide active ingredients Presentation of the study and discussion with Pet …
15. April 2021 · Rubrik: Pestizide

Une nouvelle étude révèle une hausse spectaculaire des empoisonnements aux pesticides

Les empoisonnements dans le monde sont passés de 25 millions en 1990 à 385 millions aujourd’hui Pour diffusion immédiate : 9 Décembre 2020 Dans une étude exhaustive publiée aujourd’h …
9. Dezember 2020 · Rubrik:

New study reveals dramatic rise in global pesticide poisonings

Worldwide poisonings up from 25 million in 1990 to 385 million today For immediate release: December 9, 2020 In a comprehensive study, scientists report that pesticide poisonings on farms around the w …
· Rubrik: HHPs

Global Outrage at FAO Plans to Partner with Pesticide Industry

Hundreds of civil society and Indigenous Peoples organizations call on the UN agency to renounce planned alliance with CropLife International Rome – Today 350 organizations in 63 countries repre …
19. November 2020 · Rubrik: HHPs

Die EU muss endlich umweltverschmutzende Pharmazeutika-Hersteller in die Pflicht nehmen

Anlässlich der Verabschiedung einer Resolution über Arzneimittel in der Umwelt am Donnerstag, den 17. September 2020 im Europäischen Parlaments, fordern zahlreiche europäische Organisationen, daru …
15. September 2020 · Rubrik: Tierarzneimittel allgemein

UN Press Release: States must stop exporting unwanted toxic chemicals to poorer countries, says UN expert

GENEVA (9. July 2020) – The practice of wealthy States exporting their banned toxic chemicals to poorer nations lacking the capacity to control the risks is deplorable and must end, a UN expert said …
9. Juli 2020 · Rubrik:

New academic paper condemns pesticide risk assessment practices ahead of Farm to Fork Strategy and REFIT

"Green recovery" from COVID-19 crisis demands healthy and sustainable food system Press release from Pesticide Action Network (PAN) Europe A new peer-reviewed paper authored by a group of experts …
21. April 2020 · Rubrik: Pestizide

Carcinogenicity assessment was flawed for 4 out of 10 pesticides, new report shows

Brussels, Hamburg, 17.10.2019. Press release. A new review of carcinogenicity assessments of pesticide active ingredients shows 40 percent of them are not carried out in compliance with existing Europ …
21. Oktober 2019 · Rubrik: Pestizide

New overview of data on chlorpyrifos residues in fruits strengthens health-case for EU-wide ban

Brussels, 19.06.2019. Common press release. Chlorpyrifos, a pesticide known for its damaging effects on children’s brain development, is among the top 15 active substances most frequently found in …
19. Juni 2019 · Rubrik: HHPs

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