PAN International Webinar „Highyl Hazardous Pesticides (HHPs) – a global challenge“

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Erstellungsdatum: 7. Dezember 2020
Zuletzt aktualisiert 7. Dezember 2020

Invitation to: Webinar HIGHLY HAZARDOUS PESTICIDES (HHPS) – A GLOBAL CHALLENGE, Pesticide Action Network (PAN) International 15 December 2020 12h00 – 13h30 CET (UTC + 1).

In this webinar, you can deepen your understanding of highly hazardous pesticides (HHPs). You will get an overview about their characteristics, and an insight into their implications for human rights, human health, and the environment. And you can learn about policy options for a phase-out of HHPs. Please join us to learn from the involved experts, pose your questions and share your comments. Please refer to the flyer (English) for more information on the program.