PAN Germany

ist eine gemeinnützige Organisation, die über die negativen Folgen des Einsatzes von Pestiziden informiert und sich für umweltschonende, sozial gerechte Alternativen einsetzt. Wir sind Teil des internationalen Pesticide Action Network (PAN).


Verbot gefährlicher Pestizide längst überfällig #Pressemitteilung

We are calling on the @Europarl_EN to ask the @EU_Commission to review the list of #antimicrobials reserved for human use. This might be our last chance to protect life-saving antibiotics and avoid their misuse in food production in order to sustain intensive farming practices.

🐝 We need to stop toxic chemicals infiltrating our environment, fields & food
🌿 Time for the @EU_Commission to introduce a truly ambitious Regulation for a #PesticidesFreeEU


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New academic paper condemns pesticide risk assessment practices ahead of Farm to Fork Strategy and REFIT

"Green recovery" from COVID-19 crisis demands healthy and sustainable food system Press release from Pesticide Action Network (PAN) Europe A new peer-reviewed paper authored by a group of experts …
21. April 2020 · Rubrik: Pestizide

Carcinogenicity assessment was flawed for 4 out of 10 pesticides, new report shows

Brussels, Hamburg, 17.10.2019. Press release. A new review of carcinogenicity assessments of pesticide active ingredients shows 40 percent of them are not carried out in compliance with existing Europ …
21. Oktober 2019 · Rubrik: Pestizide

New overview of data on chlorpyrifos residues in fruits strengthens health-case for EU-wide ban

Brussels, 19.06.2019. Common press release. Chlorpyrifos, a pesticide known for its damaging effects on children’s brain development, is among the top 15 active substances most frequently found in …
19. Juni 2019 · Rubrik: HHPs

Children’s playgrounds contaminated with pesticides from apple and wine orchards

Brussels, 21.05.2019. Press release. Unique worldwide scientific study on pesticide contamination of playgrounds in South-Tyrol (Italy) published. Research team shares concerns about endocrine disrupt …
21. Mai 2019 · Rubrik:

Pesticide Action Network Calls for Legally Binding Treaty for Highly Hazardous Pesticides

Montevideo, 26.03.2019. Press release. On the eve of the upcoming 3rd Open Ended Working Group  of the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM), PAN redoubles its call for a g …
26. März 2019 · Rubrik: HHPs

Europeans join forces calling for a higher level of protection from pesticides

Coalition CITIZENS FOR SCIENCE IN PESTICIDE REGULATION, press release. 31.10.2018. European regulators are letting the citizens of the EU down by allowing the use of harmful pesticides in agriculture …
31. Oktober 2018 · Rubrik:

Global network responds to UN Symposium on Soil Pollution

PAN International calls for investment in agroecology Press release. April 30, 2018. On May 2, experts from around the world will gather in Rome for a global symposium on soil pollution. The event, o …
30. April 2018 · Rubrik: HHPs

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