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ist eine gemeinnĂŒtzige Organisation, die ĂŒber die negativen Folgen des Einsatzes von Pestiziden informiert und sich fĂŒr umweltschonende, sozial gerechte Alternativen einsetzt. Wir sind Teil des internationalen Pesticide Action Network (PAN).


Preserve critically important #antimicrobials for humans. Vote on 13.7. in #ENVI for the objection of #MartinHaeusling, against too lax provisions for the use of antimicrobials in #AnimalHusbandry!
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Wichtigste #Antibiotika fĂŒr Menschen bewahren – es liegt in Ihrer Hand! Stimmen Sie am 13.7. im #ENVI fĂŒr den Einspruch von #MartinHaeusling gegen zu lasche Regeln fĂŒr den Antibiotikaeinsatz in der #Tierhaltung.
@PeterLiese @HildeBentele

Thank you Belgium Minister @KhattabiZakia for speaking out against production and export of banned highly hazardous chemicals! Thanks for speaking out against double standards and for phasing-out #HHPs at day one of #BerlinForumChemicals


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Revealed: EU Glyphosate assessment was based on flawed science

...EU renewal of glyphosate was performed by the AGG, consisting of the authori 

3. Juli 2021 · Rubrik: Glyphosat

New academic paper condemns pesticide risk assessment practices ahead of Farm to Fork Strategy and REFIT essential part”.   Quotes from the authors Dr Apolline Roger, Law and Policy Advisor, ClientEarth, Brussels, 

21. April 2020 · Rubrik: Pestizide

Global network responds to UN Symposium on Soil Pollution

...11 15 3617 1782 PAN North America, Kristin Schafer,, 10119165883100 PAN Germany, Susan Haffmans,, 49(0)40-3991910-25 PAN 

30. April 2018 · Rubrik: HHPs

Carcinogenicity assessment was flawed for 4 out of 10 pesticides, new report shows

...Diuron, Folpet, Forchlorfenuron, Phosmet, Pirimicarb and Thiacloprid. [3] Article 3.6.3 of regulation 11/072009 states: &ld 

21. Oktober 2019 · Rubrik: Pestizide

New study reveals dramatic rise in global pesticide poisonings

...authors conclude that the heavy burden of non-fatal unintended pesticide poisonings, particularly for International Environmental Law (CIEL), FIAN International, Friends of the
19. November 2020 · Rubrik: HHPs

A victory for future generations – European governments ban brain-harming pesticides chlorpyrifos and chlorpyrifos-methyl

...the active substance chlorpyrifos-methyl”, 26th November 2019, https://efsa.o 

6. Dezember 2019 · Rubrik: Pestizide

Pesticide Action Network Calls for Legally Binding Treaty for Highly Hazardous Pesticides

...them to their manufacturers, often violating current regulations.”
26. MÀrz 2019 · Rubrik: HHPs

New overview of data on chlorpyrifos residues in fruits strengthens health-case for EU-wide ban

...and 35% of mandarins, are contaminated with chlorpyrifos, is the rapporteur Member State assigned to ,+ 

15. MÀrz 2018 · Rubrik: HHPs

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